We are a family business, which have for thirty years been running an enterprise in the handicraft trade in the village of Vettasjärvi, which is situated in the northeastern part of Gällivare municipality in Swedish Lapland.

The village has its roots from an ancient forest Sami culture that can be derived from the written journals that has been chronicled in the thirteenth and fourteenth century. Today the village community is a three dimensional cultural society with Sami, Finnish and Swedish heritage and traditions. The handiwork from once having been a life supporting necessity for one’s survival and existence with the tools for hunting, reindeer keeping, and farming, the village community has transformed and developed to a craftsmanship in traditional and historic form and material. The traditional demands on functionality still exist, at the same time modern technology is offering possibilities to expand the art form.

Our workshop is equipped for mechanical work of metal, wood and leather at the same keeping a strict adherence to the tradition of craftsmanship in the production. The material for the products is harvested in the bosom of Nature with silver birch and sallow curly grained wood, reindeer and moose horn, the dominating raw material.

Leather and hide is bought from local tanneries in Swedish Lapland and northern Finland. Blades to the knives are produced craftsman like in carbon steel and alloyed high carbon steel.

To continue to develop and broaden our enterprise we have launched new activities in close collaboration with among others, Snowtrail Dogcamp in Moskojärvi. In this close joint venture we are offering our guests themes, which will be experienced as exotic and exciting, for example reindeer runs and other activities with reindeer, where the lasso is our working tool, at the same time a pile of reindeer horn instills in one the feeling for the material, while taking home a piece of memorabilia from your visit in Lapland.

We will put you up for the night in a Lappish-, or lumber cot or a cottage, where even a tent cot can be one of the features. Sauna is included in the above mentioned offered alternative accommodations.