Winter season
A variety of activities among other reindeer ride, ice fishing, snow cat tours, excursions out into the pasture of the reindeer, on cross country skis or perhaps in a toboggan tugged by a snowmobile.

Reindeer sleigh ride 
We head out for a day tour with the old traditional reindeer toboggan and after having arrived at our tent camp or cottage, we start off by preparing a hearty lunch, or as an alternative dinner depending on the hour of the day, sampling the local delicacies for example reindeer or moose souvas (souvas= lightly smoked meat which is grilled over an open fire of coal embers or is cooked in a frying pan.) If the reindeer or moose meat is too heavy a meal we can make a fish dish, where we put the fillet or a whole specimen on a gridiron to cook or grill over live coal of embers. The home baked “rieskan” (rieskan= a thin flat unleavened bread) is a standard supplement on the menu to the main courses. You will actively participate and contribute to fodder and harness the male neutered reindeer, as putting in order the toboggan with the help of expertise people, of course. At the end of the day we will partake in a hearty meal and thereafter sauna with shower.

Fishing in the winter season  
We begin our trip from base camp, either by snow cats or reindeer sleigh, to one of our fishing spots on the mile long frozen waters of Vettas or as an alternative to a smaller lake with the possibility of catching the beautiful capricious red belly white spotted char or the  brown  trout. For lunch we prepare one of our delicious dishes from the wild over an open fire in one of our teepees or outside it. A beautiful and sunny spring day, makes our stay out on these frozen lakes, sprawled on a reindeer fell, a wonderful experience. We end the day with sauna and shower.

Summer season
During the summer period we have our wanderlust with our guests along old long distance footpaths and supply routes which lead us to forlorn settlements and places, which in earlier times, were areas where traps were set to snare game. If luck will stand us by we may catch sight of one or more moose at the same time. To get a glimpse of a bear is not impossible nor for that matter an improbability. The journey can even take us to an extremely picturesque lake teeming with fish or why not visit the nine kilometer (5, 59 English miles) long Vettas Lake , to fish with a seine at the same time preparing the freshly caught lavaret (whitefish) over an open fire.

Angling in the summer
We offer our clients guided boat and fishing tours on one of our many smaller lakes or on the nine kilometer long Vettas Lake where we have the opportunity to fish with different techniques. We can even offer trolling with an electrical outboard motor if the urge comes on.

Fishing with a seine for the lavaret is of tradition a very old and efficient technique. This usually takes place during the time of night, why we go out with a seine and boat around six pm in the evening, depending on the weather and wind. After the first seine and having netted and landed our first catch of lavaret, we gut the newly fresh whitefish, and then drop them in to a big pot of boiling hot water that has been prepared. The hearsay that the lavarate is not a dish for the palate quickly evaporates, as soon as this delicacy in union with the home baked “rieskan” is consummated and eaten. The night comes to an end with a well needed sauna and a hot shower.       

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